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Schaeffer's Schaeffer's #167 Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube a multipurpose thermally stable and durable extreme pressure synthetic gear lubricant that is specia.. Product #: 1159

Schaeffer's #167 Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube

Brand: Schaeffer's
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Schaeffer's #167 Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube

Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube is blended from the highest quality polyalphaolefin synthetic (PAO) base fluids available. These PAO base fluids provide the Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube with the following advantages:

Excellent Low Temperature Properties: The PAO's low channeling and pour point allow Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube to lubricate the bearings and gears at sub-zero temperatures the moment they start turning.

Superior Oxidation Stability: All oils, as they are increasingly exposed to high temperature operation undergo a process of oxidation; this results in the oil's thickening and a build up of acidic components. Because of the synthetic hydrocarbon's uniform molecular structure, the process of oxidation is greatly reduced.

Excellent Resistance to Thermal Degradation at High Temperatures.

Excellent Hydrolytic Stability and Demulsibility Characteristics: Since PAO's are non-polar, they absorb less water, especially in applications that are run under high humidity or high water conditions. They separate condensed water much faster and more completely, thus resulting in the water being easily removed from the system. These properties result in increased bearing and gear life, anti-wear protection, and improved rust and corrosion protection.

High Viscosity Index: This results in a minimum change in viscosity. The adequate viscosity for proper bearing and gear lubrication is provided regardless of temperature change.

Excellent Stay in Grade Performance Without Addition of Viscosity Index Improver:
The nature and the high viscosity index of the PAO base fluids in Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube eliminates the use of viscosity index improvers. This results in Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube being completely shear stable in service. Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube will retain its excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics even under the most severe mechanical shearing that can be encountered.

Increased Wear Protection and Longer Gear Life:When conventional oils are cold, they thicken to the point where distribution of the oil to the bearings and gears is slow or totally stopped. At high operating temperatures conventional oils thin out to the point where there is little or no lubrication to the bearings and gears. PAO's, because of their high viscosity index and low temperature fluidity properties, allow Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube the ability to lubricate bearings and gears even under the most severe temperature conditions.

Compatibility With All Types of Seals.

Works great under extreme pressure

Blended into these PAO base fluids is a non-corrosive additive package which provides the Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube with exceptional extreme pressure properties to protect parts from excessive wear, prevent premature bearing fatigue and gear scoring, spalling and pitting. This additive package also provides the Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube with excellent demulsibility characteristics, enhanced protection of components from rust and corrosion and enhanced protection of copper, brass and bronze components from corrosion in dry conditions in the presence of moisture. This non-corrosive property allows the Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube to be suitable for use in worm gear applications

Works great in extreme cold

Most gearing is designed to perform under hydrodynamic lubrication conditions. That is, a full fluid film must separate the metal surfaces of the gears during operation. However, during periods of cold start up or severe shock loads this film can be destroyed. Unless a boundary lubricant is present in the gear oil when this full fluid film is destroyed, wear can take place.

To prevent this wear Micron Moly®, a liquid soluble type of moly, is further blended into Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube. This soluble moly provides the boundary lubrication needed by plating itself to the metal surfaces of the gears and bearings. This plating action forms a long lasting solid lubricant film on the metal surfaces of the gears. This moly film will withstand pressures up to 500,000 pounds per square inch, thus reducing wear and extending equipment life.

Helps gears work more efficiently

Moly Full Synthetic Gear Lube, because of the use of PAO base fluids and the addition of Micron Moly®, not only minimizes cold welding but also allows for an increase in gear efficiency. This in turn results in lessened starting loads, a decrease in peak power demand, increased fuel economy (automotive applications), and a reduction in gear box noise and gear box operating temperatures.

Gear oils to provide protection against oxidation, corrosion, geartooth wear & bearing distress

Schaeffer is pioneering new concepts in lubrication that dramatically reduce twelve month bottom line operating costs. Our Bottom Line Cost Reduction Program focuses on reducing total maintenance costs. It's not the "cost to buy," it's the "cost to use" that matters. Results from this program demonstrate your company can reduce lubricant related costs by 30%.

The latest innovations and technologies

To create our gear oils, Schaeffer starts with the latest innovative technology in base stocks and additives. We combine 100% pure paraffin base oils with the finest quality synthetic base stocks to produce a base oil that stands a higher heat range (up to 250ºF more than conventional oils) and operates at colder temperatures (as low as -40ºF).

In addition to superior quality base stocks, we incorporate the latest generation of extreme pressure (EP) additive chemistry used in formulating gear lubricants. Our unique formula is non-corrosive to copper, brass and bronze components and can be used where previously only non-EP oils were recommended.

We also incorporate friction modifiers and solid lubricants that act as "backstop" lubricants against shock loads that squeeze the oil film out.

Gear wear performance:

It's not the cost to buy...It's the cost to use

When you consider all the costs involved whenever equipment breaks down or becomes inefficient due to gear oil problems, it just makes financial sense to use superior-grade products to extend the lives of oil and machinery and keep those man-hours productive.

An annual savings of 30% using Schaeffer Oils, rather than conventional brands, can be expected. You'll use fewer lubricants,plus your labor and energy costs will drop.

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