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Schaeffer's Synthetic Blend Grease - #274 Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease A multi-purpose, extreme pressure wide temperature range grease that is specially formulated for use.. Product #: 1156

Synthetic Blend Grease - #274 Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease

Brand: Schaeffer's
Call for Price: 320-583-3735

Synthetic Blend Grease - #274 Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease

Compounded from a unique blend of the finest select high viscosity index paraffin base oils and polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids available, Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease is blended into an aluminum complex base thickener and selected additives. This formulation provides Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease with the following outstanding performance features:

  • Excellent Low Temperature pumpability characteristics at temperatures as low as -50ºF. A wide temperature application range of -50ºF to 350ºF.
  • Excellent resistance to water washout.
  • Excellent shear and mechanical stability.
  • Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure load carrying properties.
  • Excellent reversibility. This property allows Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease to have the ability to retain its grease-like consistency and remain in the bearings during periods of heat, high shock loading, extreme pressures, and severe mechanical action.
  • Excellent rust and oxidation inhibiting characteristics.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation.

Incorporated into this blend is molybdenum disulfide giving Moly EP Synthetic Plus the ability to act as a "backstop" lubricant when the grease base has been destroyed or wiped away due to unexpected conditions which exceed the capabilities of the grease base's fluid film lubrication. The "backstop" forms itself to the metal surface to create a long lasting solid lubricant film. This film will withstand pressures up to 500,000 pounds per square inch, giving the metal surfaces of the bearings the protection they need during periods of high speed, high shock loads and extreme pressure.

The moly's solid lubricant film also helps to reduce friction. This reduction in friction results in reduced wear and a reduction in contact area temperature. This in turn leads to increased equipment life, less downtime and extended lubrication cycles. Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease also has excellent adhesive properties so Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease will not wash out, pound out, splatter or squeeze out under the heaviest load or vibrations.

Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease #00 is pumpable to -50ºF, #0 is pumpable to - 40ºF, #1 grade is pumpable to -30ºF and #2 grade is pumpable to -20ºF.

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